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Kate Beckinsale's 'superhuman' figure explained

Kate Beckinsale had to get into "superhuman" shape for new movie Underworld: Awakening.

The actress has portrayed vampire leader Selene in all four instalments of the successful franchise and had to work hard to get fit for the role.

Trainer-to-the-stars Ramona Braganza whipped the 38-year-old into shape and explained exactly how she got Kate catsuit-ready.

"Selene, Kate's character in the film, is a beautiful vampire warrior, with superhuman physical abilities. She performs spectacular leaps, and strikes her enemies with tremendous force - which means Kate has to look super fit," she told Health & Fitness magazine.

"To achieve this, we used my 3-2-1 training method, using cardio, circuits and core work. She also filmed outside in the cold, to boost her metabolism."

The brunette beauty would begin her workout with yoga-inspired stretches such as sun salutations and downward dogs to get the blood flowing to all the major muscle groups.

Ramona would then do 45-60 minutes of strength training before Kate finished the session with her own cardio workout.

The celebrity fitness trainer praised the star for her work ethic and the fact that she never whinges.

"Kate works hard when she steps into the gym - we trained her full body, giving her legs and bum extra attention," she explained.

"I'm always asking her if she 'feels it', because she never moans."

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