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Kate Bosworth: I'm naturally slim

Kate Bosworth "is like a whippet" when it comes to her metabolism.

The Hollywood actress is famed for her slender frame, which she says is the result of a hectic schedule.

Kate can't maintain weight because of constantly feeling anxious, and says her slight physique resembles that of a lean greyhound.

"Oh, I swear it's stress. I wish I could stop it, it's like a vibration you live in with your mind constantly, constantly going. [Being thin] is nothing to do with not eating. I'm like a whippet, I promise you," she insisted in an in interview with the Sunday Times Style magazine.

Kate insists her diet is healthy. The blonde beauty's petite figure is all natural, which she knows might annoy some women.

"Ask any of my boyfriends about my diet and they would tell you," she added. "But I hate this, I can't win in this situation, can I? I mean, when people hear that, they just want to go 'Shut the f**k up,' right?"

Kate stars in Straw Dogs with her ex-boyfriend Alexander Skarsgård. His character rapes the person she portrays in the hard-hitting movie, and Kate says her petite frame came in handy when making the disturbing scene realistic.

"I do remember telling Alex beforehand that we should just go for it, just make it really real. So we did," she explained. "And he's a big guy, 6ft. 4ins. compared to me 5ft. 3ins., so it was, er, very real. That fear you see on the screen, it's not made up."

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