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Kate Bosworth: My eyes are a defect

Kate Bosworth described her two-toned eyes as a birth "defect".

The stunning actress has unusual blue and hazel peepers, which helped make her famous.

Kate rarely plays up her unique feature because she finds mastering eye make-up a challenge.

"It's a defect, you know, I actually notice it more when the light is very gray," she confessed to Allure. "Quite honestly, it's more of a maintenance thing. I find that if I wear eye make-up it comes down my face quickly. It's easier to maintain a mouth than an eye."

The actress has been appointed an ambassador for skincare line SK-II as a result of her glowing complexion. The brand's famous sheet masks make the biggest difference to her skin.

"I swear by the masks. I keep them in the minibar or fridge at home and leave them on for 45 minutes," she continued. "I use the SK-II Essence on my hands. My mother always told me you can tell a woman's true age by the back of her hands."

Kate is naturally blonde but isn't afraid to go to the dark side. She says it's by experimenting with different hairstyles that you learn what does and doesn't suit you.

"I dyed my hair for [movie] Wonderland. I love being a brunette and I really enjoy playing with hair colour, but dye is just so hard on your hair," she explained. "[I once chopped my bangs in the past] that's when I discovered my lovely little cowlick."

As well as being a beauty icon, Kate also has a reputation for her immaculate style. The star's first red-carpet experience was a very different story though.

"I was 14 and my pants' zipper broke," Kate laughed. "I didn't have a stylist, so mom had to safety-pin me in."

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