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Kate Bosworth on festival must-haves

Kate Bosworth made sure she gave a nod to her "Blue Crush days" with her Matisse Footwear range.

The 32-year-old actress rocks a bohemian style away from the camera, often impressing in pieces such as ripped denim jeans and white cotton blouses.

She's a regular music festival goer and even designed a Topshop range especially for the occasion, so knows just what to pack for the occasion.

"The temperature! It is boiling during the day, and it can get quite chilly in the evening. I try and prepare with a look that can handle both ends of the spectrum. I always bring a light jacket for the evening," she explained to when asked what she takes into consideration.

She's shared her festival expertise with a range of shoes for Matisse Footwear too, which launches this month. Kate believes comfort is key, so has ensured her designs are functional and look fab as well as feeling good.

Asked how someone can pull of her luxe hippie look without looking as though they're in costume, Kate shared some tips.

"It's about picking the right print and accessorising in a modern way. The long skirt with the pointed Charlotte star boot [from the Matisse range] makes it more modern," the star advised.

There was plenty of inspiration for the blonde beauty during production of the shoes, as she soaked in everything from art to film to the latest fashion trends. She was also able to capture the looks seen in one of her most popular flicks.

"One of my favourite artists is Ed Ruscha. His Hot Shot piece inspired the Hoyt Boot. The Dawn style has a bit of a surf vibe and is a nod to my Blue Crush days," Kate added.

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