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Kate Bosworth recycles clothes

Kate Bosworth likes to clear out her wardrobe and give clothing to charity.

The generous actress regularly recycles her fashion pieces. Kate's clothes don't hold any sentimental value, so she doesn't mind making use of them beyond her wear.

"It's lame, but every quarter, I try and clear out all the things I haven't worn or I'm not going to wear again and I'll give them away to charity," she told British magazine Company.

"I try not to hold on to things too preciously."

One item Kate can't let go of, however, is her My Chloé studded ankle boots. The 29-year-old is usually a fan of more low-key items.

"I look at someone like Dita Von Teese and I'm like, 'wow!' That whole kind of commitment level to fashion, I just can't do it. When I get dressed, it's always more relaxed," she said.

Kate seeks inspiration from her father Harold Bosworth, a former executive at Ermenegildo Zegna. However, the blonde beauty admits to never listening to his style advice in her youth.

"I remember him telling me when I was at school that classic style won't ever go out of fashion. At the time I thought, 'You don't know anything!' But he was very right - and I still appreciate his advice now," she gushed.

Kate and her director boyfriend Michael Polish are currently working on short film to promote her jewellery line JewelMint. She set up the line in 2010 with her best friend and stylist Cher Coulter, who is responsible for Sienna Miller's boho style.

"It's been a really exciting project but also a steep learning curve," she confessed.

"We bring out a new range every month so it's a lot of work - I'm designing in the studio every week."


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