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Kate Bosworth reveals skin beauty secrets

Kate Bosworth relies on supplements to help keep her skin in check.

The 31-year-old actress has many favourite products which help her stay fresh-faced. However, she believes it's the supplements she uses which really ensure she looks her best at all times.

"Yes, to combat blemishes, I take Total Omega and evening primrose oil capsules, 2,000mg every day, all year round. And I drink lots of water. I particularly like raw coconut water," she told British magazine Hello!.

Kate makes sure to take good care of her skin as many things can effect it. She's the face of skincare line SK-II and is proud of that, as she's been relying on their products since she was 21.

"My skin can be affected by the environment or a change in weather so my routine changes based on what it needs, but I will do these steps throughout the year: I cleanse day and night with the SK-II Cleanser, then apply the Facial Treatment Essence," she said. "Then, for a brightening effect, I apply the SK-II Cellumination Essence EX serum. At night, I love a richer cream, so I use the LXP Ultimate Revival Cream to ensure my skin is well hydrated and glowing."

Kate hails from Los Angeles, so spent a lot of time in the California sunshine when she was growing up. As she has blonde hair and pale skin she soon realised the importance of sunscreen. These days she rarely leaves home without it, another reason she believes her skin is in such good condition.

"I apply it every day. I moisturise, then apply it so my skin doesn't break out," she explained. "The sun can bring out unwanted hyper-pigmentation in my skin so I use sunscreen every day and I often wear a hat if I know I will be in direct sunlight for an extended amount of time."

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