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Kate Bosworth's functional footwear

Kate Bosworth wanted to create footwear which is "wearable and functional".

The 31-year-old beauty has teamed up with California-based brand Matisse Footwear for a line of shoes, featuring ten styles. There's everything from sandals to boots coming in a range of colours and Kate feels proud of the finished result.

"My intention for the collaboration was to create directional designs that are wearable," Kate explained in a statement. "This is the type of footwear I respect and appreciate in my own wardrobe - designs that are thoughtful, exciting and mindful of everyday wear."

The designs, set to be sold at the likes of Nordstrom and American Rag Cie, will be priced at $295 to $505.The range took six months to complete and will be available in late March 2015.

“The truth is, shoes have to be wearable and functional,” Kate added. “There are some women who wear seven-inch stilettos and run around. That’s not me. That’s not the collection. I want to feel comfortable and also very fashionable in my life.”

And Kate's made it a personal venture by capturing some details from her own life. Her blue ankle boots derive from her love of the Dallas Cowboys, and her Mary Jane mules are inspired by her love of the 60s.

“Each pair has a story,” she added. “I feel I can express myself with a hint instead of screaming for attention.”

Sheena Parks, Matisse’s director of marketing, is pleased to have the star on board. The company is even thinking ahead after the first range drops.

“With Kate’s name attached and the aesthetic of the collection, which is definitely an offshoot of what we’re doing, there are more editorial pieces and there’s a richer feeling in general,” Sheena smiled. “We already have plans in the think tank for fall 2015.”

“There might be a few I want to hold back for fall,” Kate added.

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