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Kate Bosworth’s tailoring troubles

Kate Bosworth’s stylist Kris Zero has recalled a moment when she feared the actress wouldn’t be red carpet ready.

The American actress’ effortless style is admired the world over and is one of the reasons she’s teamed up with Topshop on a range. Stylist Kris Zero often helps the 31-year-old get red carpet ready, but things don’t always go to plan even for major stars.

“Once a dress was tailored so small around the neck we were worried it wasn’t going to make it over head! The dress was white, and her hair and make-up had already been done. It was tricky, but luckily everything turned out OK!” Kris told

Kris and Kate talk about what she’s going to wear to major events for months in advance and during show season she always makes a note of the things she wants to try.

The star doesn’t stick to a tried and tested formula either, she’s happy to give anything a go as long as it’s chic.

“With red carpet and press tours, it's a very clear vision! But Kate is great at branching out when it's the right look and the right time. For example, Katie Ermilio was a relatively unknown designer when Kate wore her at the Tiffany event at the Guggenheim [museum] earlier this year but it was still so reminiscent of old Hollywood glamour with a modern feminine twist. With street style or basics, we try everything. The process is SO FUN and sometimes really funny!" Kris enthused.

Kate is married to film director Michael Polish and sometimes he gets in on the fashion action too. Kris insists he doesn’t need too much help with his wardrobe though, although the stylist loves seeing his reaction to Kate’s looks.

“Michael has great style to begin with. I will help him fit a suit on occasion. He usually isn't around for Kate's fittings, so he doesn't have the opportunity to chime in much! But when he sees her in the dress just before an event it's one of my favourite things. He just lights up,” she explained.

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