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Kate Hudson creates statement shades

Kate Hudson's sunglasses range with Chrome Hearts isn't "overly complicated".

The 35-year-old actress is set to launch a collection of shades with luxury lifestyle brand Chrome Hearts, who she previously collaborated with for a jewellery collection. Her line will include 11 different styles, one being a pair with see-through red frames.

When creating the sunglasses Kate had an idea in mind of what impression she wanted them to give. She worked alongside Laurie Lynn Stark, co-owner of Chrome Hearts.

"I think the whole collection, for both Laurie and me, is about really strong, clean lines. It’s not overly complicated. The glasses are statement pieces without being too flamboyant," Kate explained to "Laurie is someone I look up to in terms of being a strong woman. She’s got a great business sense. She’s talented visually. She’s a great photographer. Great with her kids. Great girlfriend. Women like her inspire me."

Although their general tastes contrast, the pair designed together in harmony. Kate also found their diverse outlooks helped improve the finished pieces.

"We have very different aesthetics. At the same time, our interests lay in similar places. When we go into a store, we’re attracted to the same vibe but we’ll pick out completely different things," she smiled. "One of the reasons we like collaborating is because we get to bring two different points of view to the project. I really enjoy that process."

Kate, who also has her own sportswear range Fabletics, enjoys being creative in all aspects of her life. Even when working on a film set she makes an effort to get involved with the costume designer.

"Yeah, I think that’s a big part of creating characters - it’s probably why a lot of young actresses love to get involved in fashion. When you’re creating a character’s world, you’re creating who she is, what she wears, what she likes, and it’s always different," Kate added. "I’ve had experiences with some brilliant costume designers, and their ability to create these characters’ world through wardrobe is really inspiring. I have influence over the process, but I’ve been lucky to work with incredible costume designers who don’t really need much help."

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