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Kate Hudson fears red carpet dressing

Kate Hudson rarely feels "red carpet ready."

The stunning actress often becomes apprehensive before stepping out at major events.

Kate admits that she gets anxious about whether all elements of her outfit are perfect.

"I get it if somebody calls me bohemian," Kate told People magazine.

"I don't think I ever feel red carpet ready. You're always wondering if something's hanging out or if your eyelash is falling off."

Kate prefers to be casual. Although dressing for fancy events is an enjoyable experience, the star relishes being in pyjamas at home.

"I love dressing up. I think you feel red carpet ready when the red carpet's over," Kate joked. "I'd rather be at home with the kids."

Kate love expressing herself when it comes to choosing outfits. The blonde beauty has always embraced her individuality when picking clothes.

"I came out pretty much putting on whatever I wanted [in my youth]," Kate recalled. "I think I was more vocal than my mum [Goldie Hawn] about style than she was with me about style."

Kate is currently the face of cosmetic company Almay's newest campaign.

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