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Kate Hudson: I'm a style mess

Kate Hudson always wears what feels comfortable, not what's on trend.

The 35-year-old guest edited the website this week. As part of her role, she opened up about how she chooses what to wear and what works for her.

"When it comes to fashion, I can be a bit all over the place. That’s because I simply like what I like - I don’t have anything specific that hits me," she revealed. "It really comes down to what I’m feeling that day and what kind of mood I’m in."

But regardless of that, one thing always remains the same for the Almost Famous actress: comfort. Kate is a big advocate of feeling and looking good and believes that's what every woman should keep in mind when perusing her wardrobe.

"When you put something on, and you feel good in it, that’s probably what you should be wearing because it’s going to exude confidence to those around you. I think any girl knows that," she said. "My motto is, if it makes you feel more confident, wear it because then it won’t feel like the clothes are wearing you. It’s going to enhance who you really are and be something that you feel comfortable in."

The mother-of-two also shared some of her must-have summer essentials. It's no surprise that with a great figure like hers, Kate's first choice is a bikini.

"I do love a good bikini, and I think it’s because I just love the sun so much. I love summer, it’s my favourite season. I love being by the water!" she said, before adding, "If I see a big, white, flowing dress that looks like you should be in a field somewhere with daisies in your hair, I am a sucker for it. Flowy and girly is definitely my day-to-day style."

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