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Kate Hudson inspired by mom's make-up routine

Kate Hudson thought her mother Goldie Hawn was an "angel" for being able to apply her make-up in "five seconds" when she was a child.

The American actress has a famously close relationship with fellow Hollywood star Goldie. Kate says her mom inspired her as she was growing up, and was particularly impressed with her no-nonsense beauty regime.

"I would say application - she's so good at applying make-up," she told Stylelist when asked what she learned from her mother. "She can do it in five seconds and she can do it without a mirror, I remember watching her. I'd sit there as she put her make-up on and think, 'Gosh, she's an angel.'"

Meanwhile, Cate Blanchett has explained what she learnt from her mother. The star - who is famed for her alabaster skin - says her mom's dedication to her own complexion rubbed off on her.

"She was quite obsessed quite early - before everyone was talking about it - with sun protection. She would always send us out in shirts or hats which I was always trying to rip off. So there was always a big awareness of that," she revealed.

"She was big on moisturising, before you even think you need to. It didn't make me skin-obsessed, but it certainly made me aware."

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