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Kate Hudson: Lip balm is a lifesaver

Kate Hudson believes a good lip balm can save your life.

The actress is the brand ambassador for Almay Cosmetics and the star of their adverts for the new Color + Care Liquid Lip Balm range.

In a behind-the-scenes video Kate joked that a good lip balm is equally as important to her as her kids.

"I couldn't live without my babies, music and lip balm," Kate shared in the Almay video.

"With a good lip balm it is kind of a lifesaver. Especially if you are outdoors with weather and when lips get dry."

Kate will always have a lip balm tucked away in a purse or pocket.

She reapplies the product frequently, which she jokes is in sync with how often men have dirty thoughts.

"I was so excited for Almay to start doing lips, as for me, if there's one thing I'm carrying in a purse it's a lip balm," she explained. "I think I apply lip balm as many times as men think about sex.”

The 34-year-old is seen posing around a pool as she models the shades in the new lip balm range. Kate gushed that the range of balms is great for moisturising lips and for giving them a hint of colour.

"Today we are shooting the new campaign for Almay liquid lips," Kate told the camera.

"I have all ten colours; I keep them in all my purses and pockets. I love this coral one - it's really great for making green eyes pop, I think. They absolutely hydrate and are very good for cold weather. I always ski with them in my pocket, so that is a good sign. It has a make-up look without getting in the way or getting your hair stuck in it."

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