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Kate Hudson: Mom helped my style

Kate Hudson says when she was growing up her actress mother Goldie Hawn would always open up her wardrobe for her.

The actresses took part in a special mother and daughter-themed photoshoot for Almay to tie in with Mother's Day in the US.

Kate is the spokesperson for the beauty brand and shared where she inherited her stunning style and beauty from in the accompanying interview.

"Mom’s closet was always open. Mom was always into Alaïa, so there were all these cute, tight bodysuits that she wore all the time. I always got into her closet when I was growing up," Kate gushed to Almay. "We weren’t a big clothes-buying family, except for back to school. We were more of an active family, dance and sports; going shopping was really a treat when it happened."

Both 67-year-old Goldie and 34-year-old Kate think clothes were the best during the '70s era. While the elder half of the duo experienced these styles firsthand, the younger says they are the trends she likes to wear now.

"I was actually looking at pictures of mom in the ’70s that were amazing," Kate gushed. "Her hair was stringy and wavy and her eyes, her eyelashes, the mascara was incredible and she has this big coat on. Mommy got to live in a time, the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s, so much fun."

"Oh God, style was so great then," Goldie affirmed. "I think one of the great eras was the ’70s. We were dealing with a lot as a nation and style was very specific. Today’s style is all over the place. These designers were coming out with prints and edgy ideas. The hip-huggers in the ’70s were the best era, they came up over your hip, lower in the front and back and it was just flattering and beautiful and extreme. It was pretty fabulous."

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