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Kate Hudson: My skin changed and matured

Kate Hudson has recalled why she started using skincare products in the first place.

Actress Kate Hudson has credited La Mer products with helping her skin maintain its youthful lustre after “starting to change and mature”.

The 36-year-old Almost Famous star, who is the daughter of film icon Goldie Hawn, is known the world over for her glamorous style and buoyant looks.

And while speaking at the La Mer Celebrates 50 Years of an Icon event in Los Angeles on Tuesday night (14Oct15), Kate gushed over how much the cosmetics company has transformed her life over the years.

“I remember the first time I used it,” she told reporters on the red carpet, according to Variety. “I grew up in Colorado, which is a very dry climate. And La Mer’s a really rich cream. I remember my mum, she purchased it for me one Christmas, realising that my skin was starting to change and mature, getting very dry. Talk about a change from what I’d normally been putting on my face! So that was my first skincare product.”

Aerospace scientist Dr. Max Huber came up with the groundbreaking kelp-based formula five decades ago, with the aim of treating the severe chemical burns he suffered after being injured in an explosion that occurred during an experiment.

After years of marketing and selling the product himself, Dr. Huber died and his daughter continued disseminating his moisturising cream, until Estée Lauder bought the company in 1995.

Kate has previously spoken about her love of maintaining a nourishing skincare regimen, noting more natural products seem to work the best.

"It has always been pretty simple. I simply apply some sunscreen, use a little blush and lip gloss, and I'm out the door," she told "I also adore multi-use products such as coconut oil and Egyptian Magic. I use coconut oil on my skin, in my hair, pretty much anywhere possible! I love coconut oil because it feels so much lighter than other oils or lotions, and it still allows my skin to breathe, but still keeps it soft and moisturised."

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