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Kate Hudson reveals disastrous hairdo

Kate Hudson says her "big, hair sprayed, wavy bangs" left much to be desired.

The gorgeous actress confessed she once ended up with a disastrous hairdo when she attempted to try out a trend. As a result of her past hair mistakes, Kate is embarrassed at looking back at pictures from the 1980s when she was responsible for the horrendous hair styles she sported.

"I'm really not very good at it," Kate told People magazine about styling her hair. "In the '80s I did the bangs - in a lot of my pictures from when I was little I have the big, hair sprayed, wavy bangs.

"I have a feeling that the little girls these days are going to look back at their pictures and have perfect, wavy, natural beach hair. But I had those bangs."

While her hair styling skills might need a bit of work, Kate makes up for it in another area. The blonde beauty is open about the fact she is a pro at applying make-up, which is an area she particularly loves. The cosmetics queen has become a spokeswoman for Almay where she speaks honestly about her beauty must-haves and application tips.

"I like doing my own makeup, I find it to be a really creative process."Kate says. "[One of my favourite tips] is putting liner underneath the upper lid, it always works; it makes your eyes pop even more. No eye is complete without a good eyebrow, good eyebrows aren't always easy to do, but once you have them, they really change the look of your makeup."

She also shared her make-up must-have.

"I always like the smoky eye kits," she revealed. "I was on a trip recently, and was trying to pack light, and I just threw in the palette for my eyes and used it the whole time."

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