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Kate Hudson: Workout with friends

Kate Hudson has explained what drives her to work out above all else.

The 36-year-old star is in great shape, but she works hard to have such a toned figure. For Kate it's all about finding what works best to push her to her limits, and in her case that's her good pals.

"Motivation for everybody is so difficult, but the best motivation that you can have is your support group, your girlfriends that you like to work out with. That can be a powerful driving factor," she told British Glamour magazine.

Kate has channelled her love of fitness into her Fabletics range of activewear, which has just branched out into the men's arena too.

She's proud that the line caters for all kinds of women, with certain designs for people with large chests and others working for ladies with less in that department.

"We are an online company, we aren't a retail company, we have a direct line of communication to our consumer," she said. "So each time we get feedback, it's being heard."

But above everything else, Kate hopes that giving ladies something that looks good will encourage them to workout, as she really thinks it's vital for all areas of health.

"We really try to cater to our individual customers because we're trying to encourage and inspire with our vibe. Scientifically it's been proven that being active is a great way of getting yourself into a stable, clear, healthy frame of mind. But it's not about setting unattainable goals," she said. "For me it's about a lifestyle choice that doing something for yourself, even if it's just ten minutes a day. It can be incredibly challenging for women who are working mothers, but you have to find a five-minute window for you to do something for yourself. Every day you should do something active. For your mind more than your body."

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