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Kate Moss inspires Klein collection

Kate Moss inspired Calvin Klein's new clothing collection, says Kevin Carrigan.

The Global Creative Director of cK Calvin Klein looks to fashion figures for motivation when designing. Kevin had Kate's natural beauty in mind when he was conceiving his latest line.

"This season I went back to looking at Kate Moss in those original Obsession ad campaigns where she was extremely, extremely natural and very sensual and seductive," he told Vogue Australia. "There's always a feeling, an emotion, that's how I work, and this season was definitely about a new sense of femininity. I always steep myself in a modern woman; what does a modern woman do, where does a modern woman go, what's her lifestyle? That's the Calvin heritage."

Kevin has revealed the qualities he thinks render a woman stylish. The fashionista likes ladies to look understated.

"I've always liked the girl who wears less-is-more make-up, the girl who likes boys' clothes. I don't like somebody who is overtly made up, who's trying too hard," he explained.

"There's definitely a sense of ease and confidence. I love somebody who might be wearing a red carpet dress but she's wearing it at the beach. There's an elegance there but there's a dressing down of elegance that I personally love."

Kevin also took time to reveal his festive holiday plans. The designer is looking forward to some down time.

"When I'm on vacation I exercise more, because I travel so much I don't usually get enough of a chance. Actually, I was already swimming in the pool this morning. I'm also going to read a lot. I want to read that new Steve Jobs biography," he smiled. "It's going to be a very quiet, healthy Christmas with fireworks on New Year's Eve!"

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