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Kate Moss likes glowing make-up

Kate Moss can "feel" when she needs to apply more blusher.

The British supermodel has just created a range of lipsticks in collaboration with Rimmel London. To mark their release she's opened up about her beauty secrets.

The star has worn flicked eyeliner for so long she doesn't need a mirror to apply it. She recommends using a kohl pencil rather than a liquid liner as they are easier, especially if there are any mistakes. Kate also doesn't need to look at herself to know when she needs some extra colour on her face.

"I can feel when I need it. I use a powder and then a cream blush over the top to get a bit of a glow," she told Style magazine.

When it comes to lipstick she applies and blots three times. She doesn't bother using a liner or a brush either.

"Make-up artists do that, but I wouldn't do it on myself. I don't use a lip liner or a lip brush: I just shove it on," she laughed.

Kate also uses liquid foundation and bronzer. She has many favourite products and hates it when something she loves can no longer be found. The star has a cunning way of getting round that problem though.

"I tend to keep [old make-up], it's terrible," she laughed. "I like one thing, then it goes out of production, so I have to phone up the artist and beg for more. They discontinue the best products, it's really annoying. I've got a lot stockpiled.

"I've got a thing about sticky - it can't be sticky [on my lips]. From doing so many shoots when they get the wind machine out and my hair sticks to me. I get the fear."

The model would love to create an entire make-up range and it's something she might do in the future. She enjoys the way cosmetics can transform women, although she doesn't wear them all the time.

Her nine-year-old daughter Lila Grace prefers her bare-skinned, with Kate waiting for the time when she develops an interest in make-up.

"Oh, yes, I always take my make-up off, because otherwise my daughter will come in and say, 'Mummy, tut-tut.' She doesn't like it. She likes the fresh-faced, natural mummy, when I've got my hair in a bun and no make-up on," Kate said.

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