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Kate Moss' post-birthday 'detox'

Kate Moss has reportedly undertaken a new juice cleanse after she finished partying for her 40th birthday.

The fashion icon hit the big 4-0 last month, but her glowing complexion and healthy hair mean she still has the looks of a much younger woman.

After being the centre of attention at numerous parties thrown in her honour, including a Glastonbury-themed bash and an exclusive lunch at a top London restaurant, Kate is said to have undergone a five-day juice plan.

"Kate's done a juice cleanse before and felt it was a good idea after her birthday," an insider revealed to Grazia magazine.

Juice cleanses are designed to rid the body of toxins, while topping up on essential nutrients.

When she arrived at David Bailey's Stardust exhibition in London last week, onlookers couldn't help but comment on how fresh she looked.

"Kate looked amazing - her willpower seemed pretty strong. It seems she's a huge fan of a juice cleanse, especially after partying," the source added.

The model is no stranger to extreme cleanses. She reportedly visited a detox centre in Bodrum, Turkey, just before the British Fashion Awards last December, where she picked up the Special Recognition prize.

She apparently flew over to Turkey for a four-day 'Master Detox' at the LifeCo retreat, and cut out all solid foods, consuming only fruit and vegetable juices.

"In Bodrum they do a seven-day juice programme similar to the one Kate has apparently just done. It helps relax and cleanse the body," a source said.

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