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Kate Walsh: I went through early menopause

Actress Kate Walsh never had children because her menstruation cycle ended before she expected it to.

Grey's Anatomy actress Kate Walsh went through early menopause, which is why she has no children.

The 48 year old is unsure exactly why her menstruation cycle ended before she expected it to, noting this is starting to become "more and more common" for women.

“I don’t have children," Kate said during a talk on SiriusXM's Conversations with Maria Menounos on Wednesday 18 November 2015. "I’m not going to have kids. I went through early menopause. That happened.

“Who knows why (I went through early menopause). It could be a product of our environment. The (birth control) pill, we don’t know."

Kate wasn't really concerned about early menopause until her sister went through it.

Her sibling advised the star to get tested and she was initially skeptical about visiting a doctor.

Once Kate knew she was physically incapable of procreating, the actress was upset at first.

“It was bleak," she recalled. "But that was a great kind of experience and growth. I’ve always felt I’ve been, at times in my life, indecisive or have hard times making decisions. I go for what I want and I also embrace what’s in front of me.”

Although Kate feels psychologically whole, she admits there is some part of her mind that always questions what life would be like if kids were around.

Kate also feels as if there is a societal stigma attached to being a woman without children.

“I don’t know if you can actually have it all," she shared. "I think that is actually this American myth. I wouldn’t call it a dream.

“I think it’s a bit of a myth in that it’s this huge pressure. We’re like, ‘Wait a minute, am I less than if I’m not a mother? If I’m not a rock star in my career?’ I don’t know. I’m just rambling. This is what I ponder.”

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