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Kate Walsh loved naked magazine cover

Kate Walsh was "really, really excited" about stripping down for a magazine cover.

The Private Practice star admitted she wasn't afraid to bare all on the cover of Shape magazine's April issue.

Kate, 44, says women should embrace their curves, and wanted to send a positive message when she posed nude.

"I was really, really excited about [posing nude]," Kate told e! Online.

Kate Walsh added that she was "happy" with her figure and she "wanted to get the story out there: Any shape is great as long as you're healthy inside."

The Greys Anatomy admitted to not being a fan of dieting. The stunning star wanted to let women know that avoiding certain foods isn't always the best way to go about things.

"And I'm not a big dieter. I'm not a big depriver, so I wanted to sort of put that out there, too," she said of the interview.

Kate recently made headlines with a Twitter comment she made on Oscar night that actresses need to "stop f***ing up their faces." She had also later wrote "word" back at a fan who posted a message on the social networking site saying celebrities should also "eat a burger and look like a woman again."

"I would be lying if I said I didn't start with my body," she said when asked about the outspoken tweets.

"I think all women have body issues at some point or other, nobody tells us everything changes constantly and ages and I think that it's time to tell a different story of aging in our culture."

She added that she "would like to see people just embracing it and just saying 'OK! You know, there can't be only one Betty White!'"


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