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Kate Winslet: I'm banning zippers!

Kate Winslet is never wearing a zip on the red carpet again after an embarrassing incident at a birthday party.

The 39-year-old actress is known for her English rose complexion and enviable figure, often wowing in flattering numbers while in the spotlight.

But there's one style which Kate has decided to avoid following an awkward incident.

"I was at a sixtieth birthday party, feeling great, wearing a dress that could be unzipped from the bottom or the top. So my husband, Ned [Rocknroll], puts me into the dress at home no problem, but when everyone started to move in to be seated for dinner I needed a wee, so I said to Ned, 'Go on, I'll see you in there,'" she recalled to

"I unzipped it from the bottom, sat down, had a wee - no problem - stood up, zipped it back up... And the zip came off in my hand. So I was stood there, knowing that everyone is pretty far away and I can't f**king move. The dress opens all the way - the whole f**king thing! I'm standing there in my knickers and my Roger Vivier heels, basically wearing a black cape! All I could do was stand there, look at myself in the mirror and crack up laughing. It made me think I am never, ever getting on the red carpet in a dress with a zip."

The star boasts a stunning wardrobe in her latest film, A Little Chaos. She plays gardener Sabine, who is commissioned to design a water feature for France's King Louis XIV at The Palace of Versailles.

The star was pregnant with her son Bear during filming, which meant there were some difficulties with the costumes.

"All I can say is: being pregnant and wearing a corset is hilarious - because there's nothing you can do about the boobs. There they are! And they just keep getting bigger, and you keep trying to squash them into... just into another place, because they don't even go down any more, you just try and find space under your armpits, anywhere. It really is hilarious," she grinned to British newspaper The Telegraph.

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