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Kate Winslet talks early red carpet look

Kate Winslet did her own make-up when Heavenly Creatures premiered in Venice.

The British actress enjoyed her big break in Heavenly Creatures, directed by Peter Jackson, when she was just 17. She had a great time at the Italian premiere of the movie but looking back the getting-ready process was a little slapdash.

"It premiered at Venice," she recalled to Empire magazine. "There was no money in the budget for someone to do our hair and make-up. I recall drying my hair so it was nice and straight and doing some mascara and lipstick. There must be some photos of us somewhere. God, it would be fun to see."

Melanie Lynskey was 16 when she was cast alongside teenage Kate in the film. She can also remember wanting to make her mark when she hit the red carpet.

"I really had no clue, which Peter enjoyed about me," she laughed.

"I had a dress on but I wore Converse to the premiere. I remember Peter just laughing, 'I love you, Mel.' I was a little bit embarrassed but I loved Courtney Love and all that stuff so part of me thought, 'F**k it, I'll wear Converse.'"

Things are a little different for the actresses now, with Kate even the face of beauty giant Lancôme. She still gets excited about posing for the brand.

"I'm very aware that I do appear to be a part of the brand's DNA, but that is something I never imagined. It remains a huge honour to me and it has done so much for my inner strength and confidence," Kate smiled to the British edition of Hello! magazine.

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