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Katie Holmes' 'foodie dreams'

Katie Holmes is reportedly set to carve out a "foodie" career after being inspired by Gwyneth Paltrow. 

The Batman Begins actress is rumoured to be in the process of reinventing herself as a domestic goddess, and is in talks to launch a reality TV show based around her love of food.

The show's concept has reportedly piqued the interest of TV bigwigs, who are said to be considering the premise.

"Katie admires how Gwyneth Paltrow has carved out a foodie career. She's hoping this might be a great direction for her. A number of prominent US cable networks are interested in the show, which will see Katie learning to make different dishes, as well as concentrating on catering for children," a source revealed to British magazine Grazia.

Katie, 35, has been busy posting her foodie adventures online, and keeps her Twitter followers up-to-date with what she's getting up to food wise.

Last month she learned to make pasta at chef Mario Batali's New York cookery school Eataly, with friends Zac Posen and Julie Rotondi.

She uploaded photos of her fresh pasta and captioned it: "My pasta dough resembled stockings. Sexy pasta? :)"

"Had the best time with Mario batali and zac Posen and friends today at eatily :) thank u Mario!!!!!! (sic)"

She's also a fan of uploading indulgent deserts to her Twitter page, showing that she often gives in to her sweet tooth.

Katie is currently gracing the cover of American's Elle magazine for their April issue.

She talks candidly about growing up in a house full of women, and says she got her make-up inspiration from her mom.

"I was pretty lucky… I’m the youngest of five with three older sisters, so when I was a little girl, I spent a lot of the time in the bathroom just watching them," she revealed.

"I was intrigued by make-up and my mom was very frank with us and said, ‘There are natural beauties in the world, but make-up enhances.'"

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