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Katie Holmes: Jewellery is emotional

Katie Holmes still holds her sweet 16 necklace close to her heart, but has to pass it on soon.

The 35-year-old actress is the youngest of five children, which meant she was always the last to receive hand-me-downs. One of these was a cute piece of jewellery gifted to her on her 16th birthday and although she wishes she could treasure it for longer, Katie will have to hand it to a younger female relative soon.

"I have one [a jewellery box], but it mostly contains jewellery from Claire's [Accessories, budget store] - panda or heart earrings that my child [daughter Suri] has given me and that I treasure. More grown-up pieces are ones given to me to mark special moments - birthdays and such," she explained to British magazine Hello! "I still have my sweet 16 necklace, which is the same one my sisters and I each shared when we turned 16. Because I'm the baby, I still have it, although I'll have to give it to my niece soon. I love to look through my jewellery box because it's like looking through a photo album."

Katie often dazzles in gorgeous outfits while in the spotlight, pulling off everything from floor length gowns to stylish power suits. That isn't to say she has a vast range of pieces in her own closet though as she has a minimal approach to dressing.

"Not much - it's only about the size of this table," she gestured when asked what people would see if they looked into her wardrobe. "I love fashion but I like to keep things simple, so I wear things over and over again. I don't need much space to keep my clothes."

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