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Katy Perry: Don't try crazy hair at home

Katy Perry wouldn't recommend fans copying her colourful hair at home.

The stunning singer has been sporting every hue from pink and blue to purple over the last year and said it is incredibly damaging unless done by professionals.

Katy enjoys expressing herself through her hair colour though, and advises those who want to imitate the look should try hair pieces.

"The colour of my hair is just however I feel like expressing it. It's just me having fun imitating a troll [doll]," she told UK magazine Heat. "I would not advise people to do that to their hair, unless they were using a professional. I had to slowly, slowly go from black to pink, which was my first crazy colour. Or my hair would have fallen out. But you can always wear a wig."

Katy also spoke of her crazy stage outfits.

In the past, the fun-loving star has performed dressed as a Christmas tree, in a sweet-adorned bralet and wearing a popcorn skirt depending on the occasion.

The 27-year-old explained that she uses the wacky looks to brighten up the audience's mood.

"Yeah, I kind of feel like I'm a walking cartoon sometimes, but really, when I walk into the room, I want to set the tone and sometimes I do that by presenting myself in a fun manner," she smiled.

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