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Katy Perry: I love Beyonce's legs

Katy Perry has "adopted" Beyoncé Knowles' glowing legs.

The pop princess is famed for her retro styling, quirky stage costumes, and ever-changing hair colour.

However, Katy admits that she looks to fellow divas like Beyoncé to give her image an extra sparkle.

"I've adopted the Beyoncé leg," Katy revealed to In Style. "When I saw her on tour, she had these glowing legs.

"They're Wolford neon 40 tights. I put them on first, and then over them I wear a Capezio fishnet that has been bedazzled. I do lots of layers. I'm like an artichoke."

The singer has also admitted that being first in the fashion stakes can sometimes comprise her performance. Katy loves to flaunt her curves, but knows that nipping in her waist with restrictive garb can make singing difficult.

"I love how they [corsets] look," Katy smiled. "But they cut off my main instrument while I'm trying to get sound out. It can be interesting."

The 26-year-old has been known to have upwards of 15 costume changes throughout a show, some of which include intricate beading, huge feathers and moving parts. Katy has now revealed what happens to her legendary outfits when she has finished wearing them.

"I have a storage unit at an undisclosed location," Katy confessed. "The last one that went in was the Smurfette dress. Hopefully we'll have some fabulous Elton John-type auction some day!"

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