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Katy Perry: I'm a plain Jane

Katy Perry looks like her brother when she doesn't wear make-up.

The singer is currently promoting her movie Katy Perry: Part of Me and talked about appearing without cosmetics in the documentary.

The 27-year-old star claims she doesn't look her best without a full face on and wishes going au natural wasn't such a big deal.

"It shouldn't be a big thing - this is what a normal woman looks like when she wakes up. Make-up is make-up, it's war paint. I'm a normal girl from Santa Barbara, pretty plain Jane, and I just had a dream. I look a little bit like my little brother without make-up on," she told Australian TV show Kyle and Jackie O.

Katy looks up to her grandmother because she isn't fazed by Hollywood glamour.

The Wide Awake singer's feisty grandparent isn't easily impressed by fame and fortune and helps to keep her grounded.

"She [my 91-year-old grandma] does not give a f**k who I am. I was on the Hollywood red carpet [at the Los Angeles premiere] two days ago and I saw her just about to walk up the carpet because I invited her to the premiere. She looks me up and down and goes 'Who are you?' She is so full of sass!" she laughed.

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