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Katy Perry: I'm feeling good

Katy Perry says she is "in a really healthy place".

The singer explained she is eating sensibly and exercising regularly and can already see the results.

The pop star added that the improvement in her complexion and body shape makes her feel more confident and relaxed enough to wear less make-up.

"I'm in a really healthy place. I'm working out and on a wonderful meal plan, and I'm taking my vitamins every day. It is showing up on my physique and face. With all those bonuses, I feel I don't have to wear as much make-up. I'm still doing fun things with my hair," she told WWD.

Katy also revealed the inspiration behind her current outrageous hair colour.

The Part of Me singer explained that her bright blue locks were inspired by Kate Winslet's vibrant hue in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

"I was trying to find a happy medium between crazy and mature," she said.


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