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Katy Perry: I'm super clean

Katy Perry has joked she "washes every pore and orifice every day", after explaining she hangs out with unkempt boys.

The American songstress is currently in the UK promoting her album Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection. After revealing some of unusual hygiene habits of her crew and fans, Katy was quick to point out that her own routines are very different.

"That's what the English boys do, all those hip, indie boys - they don't wash their hair, because they think they're not going to get that cool look," she quipped to BBC Radio One host Fearne Cotton.

"I wash every pore and orifice every day just in case you're wondering. I use serum from small lizards or something weird," she joked about her own shiny hair.

Katy is currently sporting bright blue locks. When host Fearne asked whether she was looking to change the bold hue soon, Katy revealed she's always looking for her next style inspiration.

"Let me tell you about permanence - it doesn't exist," she laughed.

"I'd always wanted to go blue because I love the movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Kate Winslet who I adore and I think is the greatest, and bestest and awesomest has blue hair [in the film]. I saw it six, eight months ago and I was like 'That's where I'm going next.'

"I was blonde right before this, and everyone thought I was you."

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