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Katy Perry: Mad Potion is magic

Katy Perry feels transported by certain scents.

The 30-year-old singer has several scents to her name, including her latest offering Mad Potion. With notes of vanilla and musk making up the undertones, Katy's love of fragrances goes back a long way.

"It all kind of comes out of this magical place. I think that scent is so magical and is actually kind of like time-travelling, because there are times when I walked by a person, and that person will be wearing the fragrance I used to wear as a teenager, and I’ll just like be transported right there," she smiled to "Or, where a guy will be wearing the fragrance my first boyfriend wore, and I’ll just be like, 'Oh my god!' It’s taking me back to a certain time and place, so it just goes to show that creating scents, strong scents, and powerful scents, really leaves such a lasting impression over the years."

The bottle is light purple with a matching glass ball on the lid, and in black writing the words 'Katy Perry's MAD potion' are emblazoned on the front. She chose these colours as she found they corresponded with her idea of a "magician's assistant slash good witch", her vibe of the moment.

Her outlook on style and beauty shows through the star's bold fashion and make-up choices. But when she doesn't have all the time in the world to get ready, Katy has a quick and easy routine to create a stand-out look.

"One of my little tricks is just doing lots and lots of mascara. I’m [a sucker] for lash extensions these days. It’s really fun to wake up feeling Bambi-ish and fresh," she laughed. "I’ve had extensions for, like, five years, and then I dye my brows when I’m getting my extensions done. Then, I use Covergirl pencil and powder for my brows, lots of mascara, and that’s it."

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