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Katy Perry: My skin is so speckled

Katy Perry would tell her teenage self not to pick her skin.

The 30-year-old star is envied for her porcelain complexion and pretty features, which she dolls up to perfection while in the spotlight.

She does have her skincare fears though and wishes she could give her teenage self some valuable advice.

"I’ve worn a lot of foundations that aren’t right for my skin tone in the past - they’re just too white. So, maybe take a little extra time to match my skin colour. And to stop picking at my face, and to wash my face. Because when you’re young, you just think you can sleep in that stuff. And you really can’t. I wish I could say, like, sun damage or whatever, but I actually kind of like the sun. I’m not perfect!" she told byrdiecom.

"I’m actually getting these little dots that are loss of pigment on my skin - you get them as you get older. Eventually, I’ll just look like this speckled monster, or pizza, or something really strange."

Along with following her own style Katy has some beauty icons, including Chloë Sevigny and Daphne Guinness.

Her close pal Rihanna is also someone whose appearance the singer is in awe of, describing the Bajan star as "effortlessly cool".

"Every time she is walking from her car to whatever place, she just looks like she's not trying, and it works. I gotta do five hours of research to even do that," Katy laughed.

Luckily Katy has her expert make-up artist Jake Bailey on hand to help her get the right finish and cites shading as the best tip she has learnt from him.

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