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Katy Perry stylist's pinch-me moment

Katy Perry's stylist felt "rewarded" when he dressed the singer for the cover of WWD.

The 29-year-old singer always looks fabulous in kooky ensembles which stand out from the crowd. Johnny Wujek dresses her for numerous occasions and considers clothing her in a glowing pink gown for the Met Gala in 2010, which appeared on the cover of trade newspaper WWD at the time, a 'made it' moment in his career.

"I feel like I’m always trying to top myself - trying to do more, do better, push, push, push. But there have definitely been some major moments where I felt very rewarded, like the Katy Perry cover of WWD after the Met in the light-up gown," he explained to

"That was fun. I mean, everyone was there that year, and she took the cover alone. My first Grammy performance for Kissed a Girl was major. Honestly, every day I wake up feeling blessed that I get paid to do something so enjoyable and creative. I will be making it till the day I die."

Alongside Katy, Johnny has also tended to the appearances of stars such as Kim Kardashian and Amber Heard. Despite being renowned for his stylish and on-trend outfit choices, the fashion expert never pushes celebrities into dressing against their taste.

"Arm wrestle or paper-rock-scissors. Just kidding. I never, ever force anyone to wear something they do not feel comfortable in," he laughed when asked what he does if he disagrees with a client. "If I need to push a little, I do, but never to where things get heated. It’s all about the client being happy and comfortable in their clothes. But there for sure have been times when a client won’t even try something on, then when I get them to, they end up loving it. Those are always the funniest moments."

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