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Katy Perry triumphed in lawsuit

Katy Perry has reportedly received “a significant amount of money” from a hair care lawsuit.

The 28-year-old singer was embroiled in a legal battle with GHD (Good Hair Day) after claiming she had an oral agreement to be paid $2 million for a two-year extension to her endorsement deal from 2011.

GHD first filed a lawsuit to stop the brunette from suing them for $2 million and disputed claims that they ever had an agreement.

The company insisted they had no plans to renew Katy’s contract as their spokesmodel after the original deal ended. GHD alleged it had planned to terminate the relationship after market research had shown Katy "significant decrease in appeal across Europe" and was "increasingly polarising... with negative perceptions in all markets”.

Katy then countersued for her fee in response and an ugly legal battle raged on for some time.

Over the weekend it was claimed both sides had agreed to drop the case.

However, TMZ is now reporting that the star didn’t just settle her lawsuit, she won it.

The website claims GHD failed to get any money from Katy, but have paid out themselves.

“Katy got ‘a significant amount of money’ from GHD,” a source revealed.

The popstar featured in a series of sexy adverts for the hair care specialists.

For one campaign, she posed for legendary photographer David LaChapelle and praised GHD for having “the best products in the biz”.

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