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Katy Perry 'worries about workouts'

Katy Perry reportedly hates it when people think she's pregnant as she thinks it means her fitness regime isn't working.

The 30-year-old singer works hard on her figure, which she showed off in a bikini while in Australia at the end of last year. She is slim and toned, but apparently isn't above getting upset by unflattering shots.

"Katy works out so much, like two to three hours a day, so she is mortified when any photo makes her look less than superfit," an insider told British magazine Heat. "But to have her showing a tummy, that really bothers her, and she loathes it when fans suspect she is pregnant because she is so young and it means, to her, that something in her fitness regime is not working."

The singer enlists the help of personal trainer Harley Pasternak to get her looking her best. He explained what he tells all his clients - that a good body always starts with diet.

"I recommend three smoothies and two snacks a day for a week, then for the next five days we replace one of the smoothies with a salad, sandwiches, scrambles, stir-fries or soups," he said. "Then finally, we replace another smoothie with another meal, so then you're just having one smoothie a day."

Another of the trainer's clients is Lady Gaga. Her body has fluctuated over the years and she is happy with how she looks these days, focusing on being healthy rather than super skinny. Harley gave some tips on achieving her look.

"If you want hips like Gaga, do speed-skater lunges," he advised. "I give my clients a device called a FitBit and a different steps-per-day goal, say they have to take 12,000 steps per day - that helps burn the body fat. If you're eating well and doing exercises to shape, tone and tighten the muscles underneath the fat, with time, that will help with the proportions of your body."

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