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Katy Perry's speedy stage changes

Katy Perry has likened the quick pace of changing stage outfits on her current tour to the speed of Formula 1.

The Roar singer is currently on her The Prismatic World Tour, and is wowing audiences with both her pop anthem performances and jaw-dropping stage costumes.

Her wardrobe includes a leopard print cat outfit, an Egyptian queen look and a firework dress. Changing from one to the other can be a daunting experience, but Katy says she's got it down to a fine art.

"No chafing as yet," she laughed to Time Out London magazine. "I wish I could take a bunch of people into my quick change because it's insane in there. It's like Formula 1! And if you don't change it right, well you don't recover from that. You have to hobble along."

Far from indulging in the glitz and glamour of her pop persona away from the cameras, Katy says she's just a normal girl from California who got lucky.

She likes nothing more than to get off stage and take off her heavy make-up, and the 29-year-old just enjoys being herself.

"Every day when I take off my make-up I'm totally normcore. I'm so normal. I'm trying to do something abnormal and extraordinary and it's obviously killing me but I'm going to push myself," she revealed. "When I first played London it was [pub] Water Rats: this isn't Water Rats any more, you guys. That was a fun show, but this is a bit different."

One person who is glad of Katy's extravagant stage personality is fashion designer Alexis Mabille, who created some of her show stopping tour wardrobe.

“She’s cool because she loves colour, she’s open minded, and she’s really a show girl. She loves going far away and has very strong views. She loves fashion, she really plays the game of being a woman,” Alexis recently gushed to People.

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