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Kaya Scodelario gets style savvy

Kaya Scodelario is proud she's adapted her fashion look as she's got older.

The 22-year-old actress made her name on UK TV show Skins and has gone on to crack Hollywood with roles in movies like The Maze Runner. As she started out when she was just a teenager, it took a while for her to find her fashion feet; especially as she felt too young to don some pieces.

"When I started doing Skins at 14, my wardrobe was a mash-up of £10 dresses from Camden Market [in London, UK] and hand-me-downs. I had no real sense of fashion at all," she laughed to British magazine InStyle. "Then I began wearing Chanel. Over the years, there have been designers I've grown out of or don't feel sophisticated enough to wear yet. But with Chanel, I've been able to adapt as I've grown up, since they do everything from trainers and frayed denim tops to those classic little black tweed suits."

The star loves Chanel, so was thrilled when she was invited to its Paris Fashion Week show last September. Designer Karl Lagerfeld is renowned for his extravagant sets and this time around he created the Chanel Bouvelard, complete with models stomping down it waving feminist placards.

Kaya took her mother Katia to the show, who couldn't contain her excitement.

"I was up at 8am for 'the works' - or what we call make-up and hair on set - which included a 70s 'do with big curls. The Paris traffic was horrendous, so we had to rush to our seats when we arrived. Mum was sitting just behind me. 'Look, it's Mario Testino!' she kept saying. I was like, 'Yes I know Mum, calm down,'" she laughed.

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