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Ke$ha admires Liberace's style

Ke$ha believes she was stylish star Liberace in a previous life.

The eccentric singer is known for her outrageous fashion sense and has worn everything from a feather headdress to tiny hotpants in the past.

Ke$ha enjoys getting psychic readings and has been told she was Elvis Presley in a previous life.

However, there is one late star she particularly connects with on a fashion level.

"I've been told I've been many people in past lives. One person said John F. Kennedy and one said Liberace, which I kind of believe because that makes more sense," she explained to Australian radio show Kyle and Jackie O.

"I love Elvis Presley but I think I was Liberace... I'm so inspired by the way he dressed."

One of the 26-year-old's most eyebrow-raising fashion moments was her tiny Givenchy dress at this year's Billboard Music Awards.

Featuring a slit up to the waist it left little to the imagination, but Ke$ha hopes to keep people guessing about what she wore underneath.

"That secret's going with me to my grave!" she teased.

"We had to look at how windy it was outside before I decided if I wanted to wear that dress, because I didn't want the whole world seeing my... you know."

On stage, the star is known for her love of glitter and even features a canon with the sparkly material in some of her shows.

Fans have previously complained they find the substance difficult to wash off and Ke$ha feels their pain.

"I consider glitter the herpes of make-up; it never goes away! When it's on you, you better just live with it," she laughed.

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