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Ke$ha: My watches have swagger

Ke$ha is proud that she has "pack[ed] in tons of signature K Monay swagger" for her new watch collection.

The American songstress has designed a line of signature watches for Baby-G by Casio. The star is renowned for her outrageous style, and is glad that she was able to put her stamp on the two timepieces she created for the brand.

"Even though it's a tiny surface area, I think I've done a good job packing in tons of signature K Monay swagger," she told People.

Ke$ha has discussed the themes she followed when designing the two timepieces. The 24-year-old star was inspired by an American flag for the first design, while the second watch features a leopard-print pattern.

"I chose that theme because for me, the flag represents freedom of speech, a right I exercise every day," she explained before adding about the second design; "[It's] a theme I have in my look often. It reminds me we are all animals inside, and I wanted this watch to do the same.

"I love them both. It's like picking your favourite child - I can't pick just one!"

Ke$ha is famed for her creative nature. She regularly customises her own garb, and she is also actively involved in designing for her stage shows - from the set to the costumes.

The star, who calls her partnership with Casio the "the perfect next step", says the collaboration has strengthened her desire to design further.

"I'm definitely plotting my next design moves," she confessed. "Stay tuned! Look for animal-friendly organic jewellery and fake fur."

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