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Keira Knightley needed courage for haircut

Keira Knightley had to drink three glasses of champagne before she cut her long locks.

The British actress regularly sports new hair styles because of her numerous film roles, including long flowing locks and more edgy blunt cuts with bangs.

The beauty has been sporting a short bob of late. Keira was initially reluctant to change her style, and has revealed she needed some Dutch courage before using the scissors.

"They had asked me to cut it for a movie and I said, 'No, you can do it with a wig,'" she explained in an interview with Marie Claire magazine.

"But then I'd been thinking about cutting it so, you know, we had a glass of champagne and we were still talking about it, then another glass, and by the third glass, my hair was cut off."

Despite her reservations, Keira loves her new look. The 26-year-old star thinks it's great that her shorter tresses allow her to get ready so easily.

"I'm very quick," she said when asked how long it takes her to get ready in the morning. "Especially with this short bob. It was more difficult when my hair was longer."

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