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Keira Knightley 'surrounded by Chanel baubles'

Keira Knightley would begin each day on the set of Anna Karenina "choosing Chanel baubles".

Jacqueline Durran, the movie's costume designer, explained how lavish the actress' costumes were on the big screen adaptation of the Tolstoy novel.

Keira was consulted on every aspect of her wardrobe from the colour and fabric options available, to the jewellery she wore.

"Keira would never say, 'I don't like this dress'. Everything is very rooted in the work," Jacqueline revealed to WWD. "She started each day on set by choosing from the Chanel baubles splayed out on a table before her. Never in my experience on film sets have I seen anyone with such a range of diamonds and pearls. But I have to say it was very useful for Keira to have at her fingertips all this fine jewellery, as Anna would. It was the aura of Anna Karenina that we were creating."

Jacqueline continued to explain how two million dollars' worth of Chanel diamonds and vintage Balenciaga-inspired dresses were called in to the set of Anna Karenina. She admitted the lengthy and expensive shoot, in which fashion was very much in focus, was the result of numerous discussions to ensure every detail was true to the plot of the novel.

"When we were discussing what colour kimono Keira should wear, we had five different heads of various departments. It is a good thing to say that, because it shows how important each aesthetic is to his films," she finished.

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