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Kelis: I don't do ironing

Kelis doesn't bother ironing her clothes as her body heat "smoothes out" the creases.

The American singer loves fashion and isn't afraid to wear crazy outfits.

Touring means she's constantly flying between countries, so she's always packing cases of clothes. That means sometimes they don't stay pressed, but she doesn't mind.

"Everything is creased all the time and I'm not into ironing, so I just wear it all with the creases," she said. "I think body heat smoothes them out over the day. You can't stress about that kind of thing."

Kelis loves designer clothes but also wears cheaper pieces.

She sees nothing wrong with mixing and matching as it gives a unique look, which she loves.

"Of course I love the high street! I'll wear anything, I don't care where it's from. If it fits, it fits. I'm not picky about labels. It's important to dress for your body shape," she told Look magazine.

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