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Kellan: Cheat days are a must

Kellan Lutz loves the burn of working out, but isn't much of a runner.

The actor is known for his beefed-up frame, which he's displayed in films The Legend of Hercules and The Expendables 3.

While he's happy to hit the gym and eat right, diverting from a healthy lifestyle is also on Kellan's radar.

"Oh, of course, you have to [have cheat days]. You can't be an extremist," he smiled to Details magazine.

"For me, I don't need to be at zero body fat; I can let my size shrink and have fun days. And when I prep for a role, I hit it hard with what I need to do. Hercules was different than Expendables. Every role I have, I have to set my schedule on what I need to do and accomplish."

Kellan admits he doesn't actually work out as much as people may think, but he does try and stay active as much as he can.

"Confusion exercise" is his favourite way to keep fit, as it makes sure his body never knows what's coming.

"I love the burn. A lot of people don't like doing legs, but I like doing legs. I guess I've never really liked running. I've always been a more dense guy. My brother gets the runner's high, but I've never gotten that. I just get bored. And it's hard on your knees. I'd rather do the elliptical. Lately, I've been watching Game of Thrones. I'll put an episode on my iPad and do the climber for an hour and just zone out," he revealed.

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