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Kelly Brook: Age fills you out

Kelly Brook doesn't like it when her face looks "skinny and drawn".

The British model-and-actress turns 35 this year and is still busy promoting her businesses, which include a lingerie line and perfume.

She's happy to grow older and has actually seen some benefits that come with filling out a little.

"It's about adapting and embracing the ageing process," the curvaceous star advised the UK edition of OK! magazine. "There's stuff you can do about it - I eat well and get regular facials. I've been having lots of mesotherapy, which is collagen and vitamins for your skin. Getting older, I'm bigger than I was in my 20s - although actually that helps your face because it pads it out a bit so you don't look so skinny and drawn."

The star added that she would never do anything "extreme" for beauty, but that it's part of her job to pay attention to her looks.

Leading a life in the public eye means she's been criticised in the past, but Kelly is happy to let nasty comments go.

"It doesn't really affect me," she shrugged.

"I'm just shocked that people are allowed to write certain things. It baffles me how spiteful people can be."

The brunette is famed for her gorgeous curves, which she has happily shown off in lingerie and swimwear shoots in the past. Despite flashing the flesh on a regular basis, she's never felt pressure to slim down for her career.

"No, that all comes from the media and people who are spiteful," she explained.

"My career's changed over the years and I have a good team. We find things that suit me for my age and how I look now."

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