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Kelly Brook: Women need curves

Kelly Brook thinks women look better with "meat on [their] bones".

The stunning star is dating professional rugby player Thom Evans and sometimes feels the need to keep up with the super-fit sportsman.

Kelly says her training regime looks meagre in comparison to Thom's, but insists she doesn't want to do over-do her workouts.

"Yes, when he's training two or three times a day and I'm training two or three times a week," she exclaimed in an interview with the UK edition of OK! magazine.

"But I think girls can get away with having a bit of meat on our bones; I don't mind a wobbly arm or a bit of cellulite."

Kelly is famed for her gorgeously curvy frame. The model-and-actress embraces her womanly figure and never aspires to be stick thin.

"I don't look at skinny girls and think I want to be like that," she revealed.

"I want to be toned and healthy. I'm 5ft 6in so the skinniest I can be is 119lbs. and a [UK] size 8, and that's when people start saying I've lost loads of weight. At the moment I'm 126lbs. and a size 10 and I'm really happy."

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