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Kelly O: Beauty is confidence

Kelly Osbourne's mother Sharon taught her what it means to be beautiful.

The 29-year-old star has made her mark on the style industry as host of show Fashion Police and now with a MAC make-up collection alongside her mother Sharon.

Kelly says it's her mom who showed her what it means to be truly beautiful.

"The best tip my mom taught me is that beauty comes from the inside,” she said to WWD.

“You have to love yourself and be comfortable with yourself. And when you can’t accept yourself for who you are, no matter how hard you try — I tried real hard — you’re never going to wake up and be anyone else.

"Beauty comes from within, and you have to be confident. When you are confident, it becomes infectious. That’s something my mother has always instilled in me.”

Kelly and Sharon have each designed a small selection of products, including lipstick, eyeshadow and blusher.

The 61-year-old former X Factor judge has always known her daughter is into make-up.

“The first thing Kelly stole from me was a lipstick,” she laughed. “In one of our bedrooms in our house, we had striped wallpaper, so Kelly decided to use the lipstick to add another stripe."

Kelly and Sharon feted the launch of their MAC collections in London yesterday. Lavender-haired Kelly recently revealed how she came up with the purple for her products.

"I keep giggling when I say this because I was my inspiration, and I know it's really narcissistic to say," she smiled to ET Online.

"But I wanted to stay true to me and the colours I love, but at the same time, kind of slightly tweaking them a bit so they're a bit more for every woman because I know my taste isn't for everyone. So I had to leave my ego at the door with this, and really think about it."

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