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Kelly O: I'm my own inspiration

Kelly Osbourne feels like a "narcissist" because her own hair inspired her MAC collection.

The Fashion Police host is known for her great sense of style and beauty and has now collaborated with her mom Sharon and cosmetics brand MAC on a collection.

Her chosen palette for the products is primarily violet, which is suspiciously reminiscent of her purple hair.

"I keep giggling when I say this because I was my inspiration, and I know it's really narcissistic to say," Kelly laughed to ET Online about why she chose the colours.

"But I wanted to stay true to me and the colours I love, but at the same time, kind of slightly tweaking them a bit so they're a bit more for every woman because I know my taste isn't for everyone. So I had to leave my ego at the door with this, and really think about it."

Kelly, 29, has included purple eyeshadows, peachy blush and an orange lipstick in her half of the collection. She's amazed that the shades she's picked actually tally with current beauty trends.

"It's insane to me that the colours I picked [over a year and a half ago] - having no idea where the fashion world was going - somehow I was a bit ahead of them with it. I was like, 'Wow, I can't believe this actually worked,’ and we pulled this off with the colours I wanted to go with," she marvelled.

Growing up, Kelly often sported a gothic style, opting for dark clothes and make-up. Her fashion sense has changed over time and she gave her advice to anyone struggling with their personal style.

"Wear what you want to wear. Wear it because you feel good," she recommended. "Don't listen to what other people think. If you feel good, then that's all that matters. My mom let me experiment as a kid. She let me make mistakes. She let me learn and figure out my identity without telling me what my identity was. And I'm really lucky to have a mother like that, because most don't."

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