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Kelly O: Purple hair has become me

Kelly Osbourne has revealed the secret behind her new hairdo.

The Fashion Police star has rocked a violet colour for some time and recently showed off a new, partly-shaved look on her Instagram account. In the past, she's sported a range of different shades and the 29-year-old claims she'll never go back to her roots.

“Basically my colour has become me. The first time I dyed it and looked in the mirror, I saw myself and I felt like me,” she explained to People magazine. “I’ll never be a natural girl. I’ll never be normal or simple. The most insulting thing someone said to me was to call me ‘beige.’

“They don’t get that I’m not that kind of girl that will sit there and be like, 'You have the same hair as me.' I don’t own this colour; it’s just become a part of me.”

Kelly's new style features a choppy fringe and slightly longer back with shaved sides. Before this she had it cut in a more conservative way, which didn't suit her eccentric personality.

“I cut it into a bob - [and] no disrespect to anyone who has a bob, but I just felt like I should be picking up my kid from soccer practice in a 15-passenger van," she laughed.

The bob actually happened by mistake, when Kelly's hairdresser mixed the wrong dyes and parts of her hair started falling out.

“I never mind when stuff like that happens because I get to be inventive and come up with something new,” she shrugged. “I told [the hairdresser] that I kind of wanted to look like, ‘Alien chic meets mental patient that’s just had electroshock therapy. You know when people have hair burned off at the sides?’ And he was looking at me like I was insane, but he was like, ‘All right, we’ll try it.’”

Kelly added that she's not done yet and that fans can expect her to switch up her style plenty more times in the future.

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