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Kelly O: Wear what makes you feel wonderful

Kelly Osbourne owns a green suit which makes her look like a "walking Boogie".

The 30-year-old star's style is admired by females around the globe and her knowledge has resulted in fashion line Stories... By Kelly Osbourne on HSN (Home Shopping Network). She is always happy to share suggestions on how to dress and there are some important rules which Kelly lives by.

“Just be yourself and don’t dress for men. Also, don’t dress for other women. I find that women dress to p**s other women off. Wear it because it makes you feel wonderful. Wear it because it makes you feel confident," she told Refinery29. "Don’t wear it because you think you’re going to attract someone else. If you don’t like something, you don’t have to wear it. If you wear something someone else doesn’t like, who gives a sh*t! They don’t have to wear it.”

Kelly's taste in clothes has dramatically changed over the years and she currently favours a ladylike style with an edgy finish. Even her mother Sharon noticed her daughter's creative flare from a young age, which has only evolved over time.

“My mum says, ever since I was a kid, I knew what I wanted to wear and I just wore it. I remember being a kid in Santa Monica at Fred Segal [clothing company] and there was this green suit that made me look like a walking Boogie. It had a waistcoat. It was serious," Kelly laughed. "I asked my mum, ‘Please, please, please can I have it?’ And, she said, 'No, it’s gross, smelly and you’re not having it. Plus, it’s expensive,' but we bought it, and I still have it to this day."

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